How I Made my First $10 Blogging!

Make $10 Blogging | Making my first $10 blogging was pretty fun and easy! Check out this post to learn how I made money blogging and how you can make money online.

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So the other day I got an email that some money was deposited into my PayPal account and I had no idea. What could it be? And there is was, $10 USD from Linqia.

What is Linqia? How and why did they pay me? Well, Linqia is an network to connect you with brands that you can promote for a commission! Essentially, it is an affiliate network you can use to make money when reviewing products for your blog.

How exactly did I make the $10? Through my blog post, “4 Affiliate Networks to Make Money Blogging”! I spent time on this post devising an attractive pin, sharing it on various blogging groups that would find value in it, and pinning it to group boards! Now, this post has the potential to make me money without me paying much attention to it!

Exciting, right? That’s the power of affiliate marketing. To read the post, you can click here.

Now how can you replicate this for yourself?

  1. Join Linqia.
  2. Refer friends to Linqia, or write a blogpost.
  3. Done 🙂

I’ve only been blogging for a month and a half so it was exciting to finally see some income!

How do you make money with your blog? Are you going to try Linqia out?

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