Luxembourg in 24 Hours

Luxembourg in 24 Hours | Things to do Luxembourg | There's a lot to see in this beautiful little country! The perfect mix between medival town and contemporary metropolis, there's a lot to do here!

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Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe! However, it’s definitely a charming location for a visit. Unlike other locations, this one can easily be done in 24 hours without feeling like you missed anything!


10 am: Start at the chemin de la corniche, the prettiest balcony in Europe


An ecclectic mix between the old and the new, the Prettiest Balcony in Europe offers you views of a medival town meeting a modern metropolis. With Luxembourg as one of the richest countries in the world through an economy dominated by banking and insurance, this balcony is a magical window into the picturesque past of this great country.

Walking this balcony can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how long you’d like to take photos and how much of the old town you’d like to explore. If you’d like to see the old town, there’s an elevator that goes down into the medival town. Make sure you get a picture of yourself on this balcony with this stunning backdrop! All aspects of this are free!


11 am: Walk towards the city for a bite to eat


The city has a variety of shops and little adventures waiting to be explored. Although many of the sit down restaurants can be very expensive, there are a variety of European style cafeterias that can be much more affordable. I usually opt for a soup and a croissant or a small sandwich.


12 pm: Walk around the antique market


Many cities in Europe have these antique and flea markets, and Luxembourg is no exception! There’s a variety of items to look at and explore, and always a lively crowd of people to watch.


2 pm: Walk around the high end shops


This area has an art installation every summer that creates a lively atmosphere. This year, they had these floating balloons that were meant to symbolize the lively air in the area. The types of shops here vary between high end shops to lower end shops and casual stores, but the area is also full of street performers. We caught an awesome dance and song by a talented perfomer here!

Have you visited Luxembourg? Would you consider going? Let me know in the comments!

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