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Luxembourg in 24 Hours

Luxembourg in 24 Hours | Things to do Luxembourg | There's a lot to see in this beautiful little country! The perfect mix between medival town and contemporary metropolis, there's a lot to do here!

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe! However, it’s definitely a charming location for a visit. Unlike other locations, this one can easily be done in 24 hours without feeling like you missed anything!   10 am: Start at the chemin de la corniche, the prettiest balcony in Europe   An ecclectic mix […]


Strasbourg in 24 Hours

Strasbourg in 24 Hours | Things to do in Strasbourg |

*Follow me on instagram to keep up with my adventures! <3 Strasbourg is a charming city on the border of France and Germany, in the Alsace region. The area looks like it comes right out of a fairy tale! 10 am: head towards Cathedral Notre Dame This is a beautiful area and many of the […]


Amsterdam in 24 Hours

Amsterdam in 24 Hours | | check out this one day itinerary!

Amsterdam is a fantastic and must-visit city. From cute houses by the canal to a multitude of museums, here’s what you should do with 24 hours in Amsterdam! 10 am: Do a canal cruise Start off the day with a canal cruise! This is a great way to see the city, and prices start from […]


Brussels in 24 Hours

Brussels in 24 Hours | What to do in Brussels, Belgium |

9  am: Visit the museum of European history and planetarium 12 pm: Grab lunch in the diplomatic quarter and hang out with the diplomats 2 pm: Walk to the place of beau arts and take in the view from the garden 3 pm: Walk by the museum of musical instruments and visit 4 pm: Try […]


Zurich in 24 Hours

Zurich Travel Guide | 24 Hours in Zurich |

10 am: Start your day at Lidenhof park. You’ll get an amazing view of the city and can discover the places you’d most like to see. Get there early before it gets too busy! 12 pm: Take a boat tour of Zurich. Their transport company has boat tours for only 10 CHF for 1.5 hours. […]