Best Travel Apps to Find Cheap Flights, Transport, and Accommodation!

Best Apps for Travel | Here are the apps I use to book all my flights, transit, etc!

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Finding the perfect flight and transportation options is made simple these days through these intuitive travel apps and websites! When booking my Europe trip, I used both Skyscanner, GoEuro, and Airbnb to seamlessly map our itinerary through 5 countries in 2 weeks, and you can too! Check out some of my favourite travel apps and websites below.



Skyscanner is a search engine, and a very good one, but it is not a booking site. It just comes up with the latest best prices for the flights you are looking for. This includes 3rd party booking sites as well as the airline. You click on the site/price, Skyscanner checks whether that is still the best price on offer and directs you to that site where you go through the booking process. Similarly with accommodation.

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Like Airbnb, which is a vehicle to rent rooms, apartments and homes around the world, Couchsurfing taps into Facebook profiles to associate a name and face for guests and hosts. The app lets you search for couches, check reviews of guests and hosts, and respond to “CouchRequests.”


GoEuro is what I used to find the cheapest transportation options between different places! I even got some bus tickets for 14 Euros for my mom and I from Amsterdam to Brussels! Aside from busses, it scans trains and airplanes for you to determine the cheapest deals! Make sure to use it to find the best deals for transportation.

This is another great comparison app to determine where to find the best deals. It is simple and easy to use, and will go through their different partners to find the best flight deal.


An alternative to couchsurfing, Airbnb helps you find a local accomodation that meets your needs for a price. However, it is usually almost 50% of what you would pay at a standard hotel! I love that we can stay with locals and really immerse oursleves in the culture and reality of where we’re staying. Join Airbnb today and claim a free $40 travel credit.

What are your favourite apps for travel? Let me know in the comments!

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